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Friday, March 10, 2006

Reader Appreciation...

Good comments will get you noticed, especially if you are famous, or if you write a good narrative comment. If you missed it, here is BonVar's comment to the Geology sucks post. Keep them coming people.

"Geology does suck. So does Barry Bonds. Not only does he cause substantial damage to the earth, and disrupt the delicate balance of what we know about plate tectonics, he also HATES kittens. Since he hates kittens, then naturally he HATES babies, as kittens are nothing more than baby cats. John Rocker LOVES kittens (as seen on and babies too for that matter. As far as babies are concerned... they were not always called babies. They used to be referred to only as infants -until Babe Ruth started hitting homeruns. Babe Ruth filled new mothers' lives with such joy the only thing they could compare the joy to was looking at their infants... thus they lovingly started referring to their infants as... "Babies." Dear God, don't get me started on how the term "bail BONDS" came about. Can we really compare Babe Ruth to Barry Bonds...... FUCK NO! "

That was the picture from Rocker's website by the way.


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