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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So Now What...

So looks like two of our most loyal readers, the San Francisco Chronicle's Lance Williams and Mark Fainaru-Wada, are right with our theory. And they want Bonds stopped.

This puts Bringer of Doom in a precarious position. If Bonds gives into the pressure he is about to be under, our theory will go unproven and we will go down as heroes to a scant few. We were kind of hoping he would get somewhere in the 720-740 range this year. Of course there would be tragedy, but the end of the world means the end of the world for everybody. If Bonds hit a home-run and a bunch of Americans died, for example, people would have to take notice. He doesn't want to draw too much attention to himself. But if Bonds hit a homer and a bunch of Bush hating jihadist Muslims died, nobody would really care. At all.

This is probably a dumb idea anyway. The relatives of Dave L. Sandler would no doubt beg to differ. Maybe its better not to take the chance at all. But Bonds is probably going to play anyway. He will sit in his leather recliner in the clubhouse all year, not talk to reporters, deny he ever took anything, and continue on his selfish quest of mass destruction.

So we must go on. Chronicling our journey and gathering empirical data to prove that Barry Bonds is in fact... the Bringer of Doom.



Blogger Steve Barton said...

Whoa, glad to have you and glad you are on the job. After reading your site, I now know where those vague feelings of impending disaster were coming from. Thanks for fighting the good fight -- I feel better about Bonds being stopped after the recent news/book. All the best, Steve Barton

10:38 AM  

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