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Monday, April 03, 2006

Bonds Loses Season Opener

One game down and 161 to go for the San Francisco Barry Bonds’. Fortunately for all of us Bonds was 1-4 with a mere double. His double came in his first at-bat. The ball jumped off the bat real nice and what at first looked like something that would be easily caught, quickly floated near the wall, where it bounced and went over for a harmless ground-rule-double. Remember the good old days when everybody thought the balls were “juiced?” It never had a chance of going over, thank God. He did later hit a towering fly to center that he clearly didn’t miss by much. His swing looks unchanged and his contact is still impeccable. That’s a bad sign.

Play of the Game: a San Diego fan threw a syringe at Bonds. See here. It didn’t have a needle in it. Bonds saw it, picked it up, and continued to walk back to the dugout. His blank on-field expression never changed. All of this stuff begs the question: Who is he playing for? He can’t need the money. The fans don’t want him to play. The Giants aren’t exactly favorites to win anything outside of the NL West. The only logical reasoning left is that he is the Bringer of Doom and is playing for the end of the world.

Player of the Game: Jake Peavy. Yeah, he gave up the double to Bonds who eventually scored a run, but that’s all the San Fran offense got. They have Ray Durham hitting third if that tells you anything.

Fan of the Game: Since we don’t know who threw the syringe we will have to go with the Padres fan who wore a shirt and carried a sign that just had a giant asterisk on it. (I will put a picture up if I can find one). Quality stuff. And that was from the relatively tame San Diego fan base. I can’t wait for the Giants to head east.

Next up: SF @ SD, 7:05 Barry Bonds time, aka Pacific time. Shawn Estes, a Mormon (dum dum dum dum dum) and former Giant himself, gets the start for the Fathers. Pray for him. Oh, almost forgot. Bonds on Bonds premiers Tuesday night at 7 CST on ESPN2. A complete review will be posted tomorrow after the show.

In “related” news:

Dover, Del. (AP) -- A huge military cargo plane faltered after takeoff and belly-landed short of the Dover Air Force Base runway Monday, breaking apart and drenching some of the 17 people aboard with fuel but causing no fire or life-threatening injuries.

"It is a miracle. Absolutely a miracle," said Lt. Col. Mark Ruse, commander of the base's 436th Air Wing Civil Engineering squadron. "If you look at the condition of that plane and 17 people are still alive right now - it is absolutely amazing."


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