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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bonds on Bonds -- Episode One

So the sellouts over at ESPN, the same people who gave us Stephen A. Smith and ESPN Hollywood, are trying to humanize Barry Bonds in his new weekly series, Bonds on Bonds. They show him talking to Dusty Baker's kids, with his family, at his father's gravesite, etc. But all of the cheesy stuff clearly can't make up for the fact that this guy is fucking nuts. If he isn't a friend of the devil, I don't know who is.

First of all Barry Bonds wants to kill you. He said, "I wish killing was legal," but then reconsiders because if it were he would be the first one shot. He later reiterated his blood thirst by telling his daugher he wished she wasn't six because he would kill her.

Problems...more to come later.


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you suck.

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