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Monday, April 17, 2006

Giants 2 Dodgers 0....Bonds 0...Goose 1

The Giants won last night depsite no homers from Bonds.
He was a part of the most exciting play of the game though. BarryBondsApocalypse player of the game goes to Tim Hamulack, who was ejected from the game after hitting Barry Bonds. Well he didn't actually hit Bonds, he hit that giant arm guard Barry wears to protect his right arm that hangs over the inside part of the plate.

Apparently the umpire thought it was in retaliation for an earlier incident. Jeff Kent was beaned in the head by Giants pitcher Brad Hennessey, fresh up from the minors, with what looked to be something less than a fastball. I can't remember what other pitches Hennessey was throwing last night...maybe a sinker or splitter or something. Anyway whatever it was it hit Kent in the head and he had to leave the game. At the time nobody in the stadium thought it was intentional.

So then Barry comes up and gets hit in the arm guard and Hamulack immediately gets tossed. Like I said nobody thought the Kent thing was intentional so why would Hamulack? And why, if he was going to throw at Bonds, not throw at his knees? And why were there no warnings issued? Say what you will about Bonds, but it looks like he is getting protection from the umpires. Bonds also had to leave the game, but not because his arm guard was hurting but rather because he is a liability on the base paths.

This also brings up another point related to getting hit, Barry Bonds, and the home run record. Goose Gossage, in the Playboy MLB preview was talking about the record and people comparing the players in today's game to the players of yesterday. Goose said, and I will have to paraphrase from memory, that he isn't nearly as impressed with Barry Bonds home run totals, even if he were to break the all-time record, as he is with Hank Aaron's record. And this is why, every time Hank Aaron stepped up to the plater (and especially in the early years) parts of his body and even his career were all in jeopardy. A black guy and an excellent home run hitter at that was going to get thrown at. And he knew this everytime his spikes dug in to the batter's box. Getting thrown at was a much more integral part of the game through Aaron's career. And Goose says this is the last thing Bonds or any player today has to worry about. And even if Bonds did have to worry about it occassionally, he has that freaking arm guard. This is one of the reason's Bonds has been able to hit so many home runs, and incidentally one of the reasons Pedro Martinez is one of the most dominant pitchers in the game...and just another reason to have even less respect for Barry Bonds.


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