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Monday, April 03, 2006


Its opening day for the Giants and more importantly its opening day for Barry Bonds. The Giants go all the way to San Diego to take on the Padres. The game can be seen on the Barry Bonds/USC Network, aka ESPN at 4:00 Barry Bonds time. For the rest of you, thats 7:00 ET.

If you have been watching any other games on ESPN today (e.g. Braves at Dodgers, ATL-4 LAD-1 top 5th), they have been talking a lot about Bonds. Right now Eric Karros is is wondering aloud why they are even bothering with any further Bonds investigation. He claims the cat is already out of the bag, what's the point of taking it any further, and how is this going to change anything in the last 10-15 years. Rick Sutcliffe chimed in to disagree. For once I agree with the guy and actually enjoyed listening to his perspective. Karros still disagrees. (ATL-5 LAD-1). Clearly Sutcliffe has this site as one of his favorites, and Karros isn't concerned with the rest of the world. (Ooops, Atl-8 LAD-1...Andruw Jones hits the highest home runs in MLB). What good does the investigation do for baseball? It salvages some of the respectibility of the game by finding out once and for all who cheated the fans and history of our National game. Hopefully by doing so Bonds will be forced into early retirement by the sheer shame of the situation and he won't break any more records. Anyway. A breakdown of the game will be posted later.


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