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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

How to Stop Bonds

Get into his head...maybe? There certainly is a lot more head to get into now than there was say 10 years ago physically speaking. With the exception of his first game in mild San Diego, Barry has pretty much been shielded by the hippies in San Francisco. It's really no surprise those Left Coasters don't have a problem with a baseball player doing drugs.

But looking at the schedule, it could get interesting for Barry. Dude has to go to Philly for a weekend series against the Phillies. Last time I checked the fans out there do not have a reputation for being passive, and I think some organized resistance is in order. We have seen people throw stuff at the guy. The syringe was pretty funny but then the toothpaste tube or whatever that was...really? But how effective have the individual efforts been? Not very.

On Baseball Tonight they were talking about a rumor that fans were going to go into the concourse for every Bonds at-bat. I like it. Don't boo. Don't throw anything at him. Just don't watch. I really don't think Bonds would care. He certainly wouldn't show any emotion and I can imagine the stale interviews after the game. But I think this sends a serious message to both MLB and to fans around the country who care about the integrity of the game. Certainly it is a lot to ask to boycott the games Barry plays in, but to boycott Bonds himself is brilliant. The problem is in the organization of the protest. If everybody tried to leave their seat when he got to the plate it would be too late. But if everybody left their seat when he was in the on-deck circle the majority of them would have time to get completely out of the the field of view. I think it would work.

Any Philly fans reading this...spread the word. Any other ideas? Leave a comment.


Blogger Geoff said...

why not just have everybody stand up and turn around so they're all facing away from him. Less of a logistical problem.

3:04 PM  
Blogger JMP said...

Geoff's idea is a good one... The timing wouldn't be a concern then, and everyone who wanted to give the middle to Barry could just stand, turn, and not even acknowledge his presence.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Clark B said...

Yeah, and then Bonds hits a pee-rod foul and right off the back of some woman's noggin. I loathe the steroid jerk as much as the next guy, but I'm not going to turn my back if I think the cat could hit a liner off the back of my head!

3:28 PM  
Anonymous enrico said...

I posted about this today as well over at The700Level. I think it's a pretty good idea. Don't know if people will actually do it.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Ritty said...

I think people will do it if they know its coming. I just like the idea that if Bonds hits a home run in Philly, especially if its tying or breaking Ruth's mark, nobody would be in the stadium. Imagine how many times that home run is going to get replayed on ESPN as it is...but if the stands are near empty it will be historic in it's own right.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well this is a decent idea, except most of the people who would go to a Phils game, go only because Bonds is in town.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone can get off their high horse. It's fucking baseball. So many guys have done steroids its not even a discussion worth having. MLB is still barely cracking down anyways. Fan protests (the same fans who enjoyed the ROID fueled 90s including Big Mac and Sosa) should stop acting so righteous about this. Enjoy Bonds, enjoy his ABs, mock him, throw shit at him, do whatever.


8:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you are all idiots, you want to turn around and get hit in the head with a million dollar baseball? if you were real baseball fans you would appreciate his drive to be the best in the league, do you think the Babe didn't take something to get him going after hot dogs, women, and drinking all night? I'm a Phils phan, but people need to get off his back

11:55 AM  
Blogger roid rage said...

I guess you people who are defending Bonds just don't understand. Every time Barry hits a homerun, the world gets one step closer to the apocalypse. Sitting idly by and doing nothing to stop him, or at least voice your displeasure, is ludicrous. He must be stopped. In the famous words of Mahatma Gandhi, "turning your back on a real asshole in a show of passive resistance might be able dishearten him and make him want to give up." If Barry gives up before he passes Hamerin' Hank, we can all be saved. City of Brotherly Love, show Barry some hate!

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have come up with an idea for all of the fans that feel what Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, etc has done to the cherished records in baseball is disgraceful.

The biggest statement fans can make is to ensure that Home Run ball 756 never survives to see the Hall of Fame.

I know that #756 will have significant value and anyone that catches that ball will want to cash in. So I have purchased an internet site that will allow fans to donate to the destruction of #756. With a donation of $10 the fans will be allowed to download a certificate with their name on it stating “I Destroyed the Ball” or something similar to that.

The First $2,000,000 will be a bounty for the baseball and will be paid to the fan that gives up #756 the remaining money generated will go to a Steroid Awareness foundation.
The money would be available for immediate payment and will be to tempting for a fan not to jump on.

If the ball is not turned over for destruction all monies collected will go to a Steroid Awareness foundation.

If the ball is turned over the ball will be destroyed on television (hopefully national) for the entire world to see. It will at least be all over the internet and will generate plenty of news.

Now that is a powerful statement to make!!!!!

I purchased the internet site DESTROYTHEBALL.COM which is a name that is easy to remember and quite appropriate. The internet site is currently parked.

I need your opinion on this and am wondering if the local media will help get the word out. I do believe this idea could catch fire.

You can email me back at or you can contact me on my cell phone at 636-578-4998.

Hope to hear from you,

Don Scheulen

9:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't watch Giants games period. Don't attend them, and don't watch on TV. This will send a message to the Giants and MLB when ratings plummet and the rest of the league feels the financial burden. It is the only way. It is possible, and the only way to send the proper message that we as fans will no longer tollerate the injustice to the game.

11:20 AM  

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