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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Not Bad Philly

So night one of the Traveling Bonds Circus is over in Philly. I missed the game (Cinco de Mayo) but read all about it this morning. It appears he definitely got a lot of fan abuse, though everybody didn't go to the concourse which really would have been awesome. It was still probably the best showing so far. I think the highlight probably had to be this sign:

And some of the comments coming in have been pretty good. This is my favorite as posted by anonymous:

"Everyone can get off their high horse. It's fucking baseball. So many guys have done steroids its not even a discussion worth having. MLB is still barely cracking down anyways. Fan protests (the same fans who enjoyed the ROID fueled 90s including Big Mac and Sosa) should stop acting so righteous about this. Enjoy Bonds, enjoy his ABs, mock him, throw shit at him, do whatever. BUT WHATEVER YOU DO DON'T DO IT ON A HIGH HORSE. Give me a break."

First of all, anonymous, you can fuck my high horse.

Second of all you are exactly right, "It's fucking baseball." This is why everybody is so pissed. Real baseball fans shouldn't and don't condone this tainted era, and if everybody just turns a blind eye and lets the one guy who is breaking all the records go, then his steroid use has been
legitimized. These are the most hallowed records in all of sports we are talking about. Baseball is deeply rooted in its history. More so than any other American sport. So because MLB isn't going to do it, and ESPN isn't going to do it, if the fans don't do anything about it, then Barry Bonds is going to take a giant moose on everything that came before him. The fans themselves become the asterisk. It will forever be, Bonds hit number 715 to a host of boos and fans leaving the stadium.


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