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Friday, September 22, 2006

Another Rocker Update

Another Rocker update. This one has nothing to do with Barry Bonds though you could always blame him since – again – you can’t prove that his home runs have nothing to do with anything and everything terrible that happens in the world.

And Rocker’s interview on FoxNews was terrible. Not because of anything Rocker said or did, but rather because of the sophomoric interview conducted by what’s her face on FoxNews. It had the same tone and direction of the radio interview posted on Rocker’s publicist's blog. And given the picture of the interviewer it doesn’t say much for FoxNews and what’s her face.

Our Anchors are louder than our guests... so they must be right.

Rocker was on the show promoting his “Speak English” campaign which boils down to his social statement that foreigners coming to live or work or both in this country should assimilate into our American culture as a matter of respect. Not that these (mostly) good people should forfeit their heritage because they came to make a buck in the States, but rather they should have as much interest in America and Americans as they do in , for example, Mexico and Mexicans. Maybe the message is more or less Speak English – as best you can – or even Learn to Speak English…but those aren’t very catchy.

Nary any of that came across in the Fox interview, which was turned into the interviewer’s chance to take advantage of John Rocker and for what’s her face to abuse her privileges as host. The interview immediately turned to Rocker’s statements in 2000 and the point was basically you said that stuff then, so you must still mean it now, therefore your current argument is in fact disrespectful and should be ignored or disregarded all together. Brilliant.

Personally I think it speaks more to problems with the media and getting the news in general. Granted 90% of FoxNews is commentary anyway (as is most everything else on TV these days), so it isn’t like a host has to be completely objective, but at least have the decency to argue about your guest’s current issues. Having Rocker on your show is like hitting a softball. You can set him up and take him down whether he is going to play ball or not. That’s easy. So are Moncia Lewinsky jokes, but those aren’t funny anymore either nor would anybody ask President Clinton about it anymore.


So as a result of the interview, anybody casually watching the show has virtually no idea what the Speak English campaign is about, but all of them remember they hate Rocker for some reason: mostly for what he said in 2000. And it’s not so much what he said as it is what the media told you he said. If Rocker says that stuff to 90% of the country on an individual basis, there isn’t a problem. It happens everyday. But when Sports Illustrated writers, and ESPN commentators, and FoxNews anchors make what he says the story then it’s as if we are programmed to hate the guy. And currently when you preface an interview with John Rocker – who hates NewYorkers and gay people – you could follow with a story about how Rocker saved three homeless black kids and their dog from a raging inferno in Harlem and people are still going to say, “Wait a second, that guy hates gay people. And New Yorkers.”

So anyway in the previous post, BoD came up with the idea to compile questions to ask Mr. Rocker if he ever perused the site. I think we’ll just post a few of them and see what happens. And by the way, here's my email:

Q1 -- Mr. Rocker, you have been the target of the hitman that is the media. Though you were just one baseball player speaking his mind off the cuff, the onslaught caused major problems and no doubt had some negative impact on your career. So the question, do you think the lessons you learned from the media overkill as it relates to sports carry over into how you view politics? That is, how trusting are you of the media when it comes to things like the First Amendment, the War on Terror, President Bush, and things of that nature?

Q2 – Why haven’t you paid Barrett?

Q3 – Why on Earth would you bet against Auburn?

Q4 – Do you have a stance on steroids and what say you – as a former Brave after all – about Barry Bonds breaking Hank Aaron’s record?

Q5 -- Do you consider yourself a rightest or leftist Hegelian, or you reject dialectics all together?

Q6 -- To whom do you most closely identify with on a political level?:a. George F. Willb. Edward Kennedyc. Patrick J. Buchanand. Noam Chomsky

Q7 – Would you throw at Barry Bonds?

Q8 – Where do you go from here?


Blogger Debi said...


Nice Job. John's on a crazy travel schedule, but I will have him visit the blog and answer the questions as soon as his schedule lets up.
Barrett- John will pay you.

12:40 PM  
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